Frequently Asked Questions

About Sync

How does Lighten sync mind maps?

Lighten syncs mind maps between Mac, iPad and iPhone via the iCloud account.

How does sync work within Lighten?

With Lighten, mind maps can be synced automatically via iCloud (unless iCloud is not signed in).

If an iCloud account is logged in, please follow the 3 steps below:

  • Sign in to iCloud;
  • Turn on the option for iCloud Drive;
  • Allow Lighten to access iCloud.

Can I sync without signing in to iCloud?

Mind maps cannot be synced properly if signing out of iCloud, and the maps will be stored in local until you sign in to iCloud next time.

How does the sync work, if I switched my iCloud account?

After switching accounts, the mind maps will be stored locally primarily. Lighten offers 3 solutions below:

  • Delete all the local maps,and sync maps generated after the sign-in of a new iCloud account;
  • Merge all locals maps to new account,and start to sync;
  • Store mind maps locally without applying a new iCloud account.

Notes for Sync in Unstable Network

If the network is not stable, files sync might fail.

About Subscription

How can I access Lighten?

Lighten is a subscription-based App. You can purchase Lighten via subscription.

What is a subscription?

Subscription is an auto-renewal way to purchase apps that are charged monthly, quarterly, or yearly via iTunes account.

What are the subscription payment plan of Lighten?

There are 2 subscription payment plan - monthly and yearly payment plan. Each plan includes a 7-day free trial. Yearly subscription payment plan offers 14-month service with an extra 2 months for free;

You can subscribe iOS or Mac version separately. Bundle subscription is the best value option.

Can I use Lighten without a subscription?

You can only access viewer mode of Lighten without a subscription.

What is viewer mode?

Viewer mode can only allow users to view maps in the App.

What is restore purchase?

After purchasing on one device, you need to use the same Apple ID to restore purchase when using Lighten on another device is needed.

How to restore purchase?

If you have purchased a single device plan(iOS/Mac), you can restore the purchase on the corresponding device.

If you have purchased a cross-platform plan, you can also restore purchase across platforms.

Cancel Subscription

You can manage subscriptions in account setting. Kindly notice that please cancel the subscription within 24 hours before the next auto-renewal cycle.

Import & Export

What are the supported export format?

Images, Markdown, XMind, and PDF (PDF is not available on Mac).

What are the supported import format?

XMind files and files of previous versions of Lighten can be imported, but some of the content or styles might be lost.

Migrant from the Previous Version of Lighten

If you have installed previous versions of Lighten and synced by iCloud, you can migrant previous Lighten files when installing the latest Lighten, or you can also import manually.

Scan Mind Maps

How to scan hand-drawn mind maps?

Use the camera on iPhone or iPad to scan the hand-drawn mind maps on the paper.

If the scan is complete successfully, the mind maps will be stored in the library.

Why does the hand-drawn map scan fail?

Make sure the scan is not in dim lighting.

Make sure the hand-drawn map is created on a white background.

Manage Mind Maps

How does management work within Lighten?

Mind maps are categorized and can be managed via Device, Notebook, and Paper.

Tag Difference: Device, Notebook, and Paper

Device displays all the access devices to Lighten under the same Apple ID. Mind maps are categorized under each device accordingly.

Notebook is similar to a folder. Users can create, name and move maps to the notebook.

Paper stores photos of hand-drawn mind maps.

Theme & Style

How many styles do Lighten offer?

Lighten offers 12 different themes, including 3 Hand-drawn styles and 8 classic styles.

What are the differences between Hand-drawn and Classic Style?

Format edit is not available for Hand-drawn style.

Edit Maps

How can I edit/change the format of mind maps?

Style pannel allows format edit on mind maps.

What elements can be edited in Lighten?

You can modify line type, font, line width, and branch color, etc.

Can I modify the style of one single theme only?

Style modification of theme is not available.

Elaborate Maps

What can I add to my mind map?

You can add topics, notes, relationship, and checklist, etc.

How to add a topic?

After selecting a topic, tap magic plus for adding new topics.

How to use Magic Plus?

  1. Tap to add sub-topic;
  2. Drag and drop to blank space to add a floating topic;
  3. Drag and drop after a topic to add a subtopic.

About Shortcuts

Shortcuts for Mac

Sibling TopicReturn
Fole/Unfold⌘ + /
New Map⌘ + N
Hide Sidebar⌘ + 1
Notebook⇧⌘ + N
Note⇧⌘ + K
Checklist⇧⌘ + C
Relationship⇧⌘ + L
Lighten⇧⌘ + H

About Siri Shortcuts

New Map

  • Activate Siri
  • Create mind maps by saying “Create mind maps” (Configure via Settings > Siri and Search)