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Various themes

Various well-designed themes to meet your different needs, and each of themes has its unique style, color and font. More and more pretty themes are coming soon.

Easy to use

You can add relationship, note and checklist, and also re-order the map by drag and drop. A few simple steps make your mind map more professional.

Sync and Share

Lighten makes it possible to instantly have access to all your mind maps anywhere and anytime. Like magic, everything is exactly as you left it on your Mac or iPhone/iPad.

  • iPhone & iPad


  • Mac



  • more-features/more-feature-figure-1-en Fold Fold several topics, focus on the real important information.
  • more-features/more-feature-figure-2-en Relationship Customized line between any two topics to show special relation.
  • more-features/more-feature-figure-3-en Checklist Check the status of the tasks quickly with clearness.
  • more-features/more-feature-figure-4-en Note Keep the map clean and organized. No important messages missed.
  • more-features/more-feature-figure-5-en Lighten Up Make one or several topics stand out.
  • more-features/more-feature-figure-6-en Share Export to different format and share to friends anytime, anywhere.

About Us

Lighten, proudly presented by XMind, provides both iPhone/iPad and Mac versions. It is the best tool to clarify thinking, boost productivity, brainstorm, and visualize concepts. Lighten is repeatedly reported by the press and is highly welcomed by professionals from different industries.